Hurricane Preparedness Tips


The first thing to know is the towers have generators that will support only emergency lighting and elevators during a power outage that may occur during a severe storm. There are many sources of information on preparing to survive after a storm.

FPL has published this guide:  

storm-guide.pdf  (Click link to view)

Most TV stations have also posted storm information:


Another resource for elderly and infirm citizens of Broward county has preparedness and services information:

Click on links for NBC6, CBS4 and Broward county to go directly to their pages or copy/type the url address into your browser. 

Be proactive and begin to prepare NOW.  Stock up on nonperishable foods, water, and medications.  Do not forget flash lights and batteries and fill your gas tank before the storm approaches Florida. 

If you need assistance, contact your stack/building captain or a board member.